What do you charge?
Private photography sessions start at $499. Commercial clients, please contact for a quote.

Do you collaborate on Instagram?
Yes Iā€™d love to collaborate with your brand, please contact me adele@redbarkphotography.com

Do you offer private photography classes?
Yes I offer private classes focusing on basic principles, pet photography, and editing. Please contact if interested.

How many pets/children/people can you photograph?
I can work with as many pets, children, or people as you have in a single household. In cases of multiple household/families please contact me for group pricing.

My dog is hyper/ My cat is shy, can you still take photos?
Certainly! I also work with shelter animals so I'm familiar with all kinds of behaviors. We will take extra time with special pets and it doesn't matter that your dog can't hold a sit/stay or your cat needs to take some time with strangers. Please do let me know though if your pet is allergic to anything as I will bring toys and yummy treats to help entice them to look their very best.

What about refunds?
I guarantee my work and if you are unhappy with the photographs, we can schedule a reshoot free of charge, or I will absolutely replace a faulty product. However, I do not offer refunds unless the shoot is cancelled at least 2 weeks before the shoot (credit is available in this case unless there is a no-show). If there are any reasons for a reshoot (ie: sickness or weather), please contact me asap to reschedule. 

What is your privacy policy?
Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order and delivering it. This information is kept confidential and is not shared.